360 Panoramic Tours

360° Tour of a Sample Laboratory

Have you ever wondered what your Future Construction Project will Look Like? Our  360° Interactive  tour provides the opportunity to step on-board right now.

At Kraft 360°, We are specialists in producing some of the most interactive, innovative and state-of-the-art  virtual tours and immersive media available today. All of our tours are fully immersive 360-degree viewing and will provide a stunning visual aid to your Constructions Plans and Designs at the conception stage itself.



A virtual tour is  a recent way to show 360 panoramas in an interactive way, hence necessarily online, which participated in the digital revolution. When you’re watching a virtual tour, it is thus possible to interact with the panorama using your mouse by rotating it in all directions, from the floor to the ceiling, to go from one room to another, to zoom in the image, to read information, to watch videos, etc.

Pre-construction Real Estate – Apartments & Condos – Commercial & Industrial – Education – Healthcare – Hotel & Resorts – Restaurants & Nightclubs – Sports Venues

A hotspot is a link within the 360° panoramic image itself, usually to another 360° Image to Create virtual tour. Hotspots allows your users to interact within your virtual tour and to move throughout the different scenes.  By linking a number of 360º virtual Images together in this way you can provide users with a ‘walk through’ tour of the projects enabling them to move from one location to the next at their own pace. That’s like a virtual visit to your location and that indeed will help users understand the concept of Design.

The larger the file size for the panoramic spin, the higher the image quality. Realizing that it is important for files to load quickly AND for the image quality to be great, we work hard to optimize the files and keep them relatively small. The files for each location are usually 2 – 4 mb in size. 

Kraft 360 virtual tours are 100% compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. Our leading technology and cross-platform compatibility provide you with full HTML5 support and ensure your virtual tour concepts receive optimal visibility online, across all device lines.

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